Doula...say it with me. Dooo-laah! That's right. And we're some mutha luvin' Muva Luvas over here! What's a doula, you ask? A doula is a trained birth companion, partner and coach. Our entire job is to focus on you! Empowering you to be the amazing woman you are, helping you tap into your inner feminine strength and trust your body, is what we do best!!

Birth and Postpartum Doulas support you and your family as you navigate the wonderful, transformational, experience of having a baby and ease the transition thereafter. 

The support I felt during my own birth was everything I never knew I needed. I felt so empowered, I never once doubted that I was capable of birthing my baby. They were there to provide my husband with tools, so that he felt confident to support me through each contraction. The warmth and safety that I felt, is something that I want to give to each and every woman I work with!

As your Birth Doula, I will:

  • Provide constant emotional and physical support, for you during labor and our time working together.

  • Offer educational classes, that will prepare you for baby's arrival.

  • Provide herbal care to help relieve pain and other pregnancy related ailments.

  • Help you prepare mentally and tap into you feminine power.

  • Give you an abundance of resources and information, including booklets and  posters, so that you can make informed decisions.

  • Assist you in creating the birth plan that feels best for you.

  • Support you and your partner in birth prep (labor positions, massage techniques, etc.) so that they feel confident by your side.

  • Advocate for you to make sure your needs are met.

  • Assist in first latch and feeding of your bundle of joy.

  • Encourage you every step of the way, so that you are confident to trust your body to do work!!

As your Postpartum Doula, I will Assist With:

  • Feeding Your Baby -(whether breastfed or formula), assist with feeding holds and latching, as well as milk supply.

  • Helping You, Muva! - discussing the anxieties of motherhood and postpartum depression, working on a plan to prevent sleep deprivation, guiding you through understanding your needs and meeting them.

  • Baby's Body Care - first and future baths, cord care, trimming nails, diapering (cloth if you desire).

  • Feeding Your Family - providing nutritional guidelines, meal prep, and cooking the occasional meal.

  • Housework - assisting with laundry, dishes, and light cleaning.

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