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Each Client Receives: 

  • 30 min, 60 min, or 90 min of coaching for each scheduled session.

  • Email and phone support between scheduled sessions during specified times.

  • Tools and resources to provide additional support.


We offer a variety of coaching programs to suit your specific needs. Coaching is a great way to sort through all the junk, and find what is truly important to you. Single sessions are not available for first time clients, as I feel it does not allow you the full benefits of coaching. An initial commitment to complete any program is asked before starting. I like to ensure that you are willing to show up for yourself, as this is a valuable investment! All in person coaching sessions will take place in the Richmond, VA area; all others online and via phone.

Programs To Choose From

The Full Cup Life Mastery Program: General Coaching. A program designed to help you achieve the life you have always wanted; to bring it from your mind into reality. The focus is rebuilding and filling the areas of yourself that have become depleted, allowing you to give a fresh perspective and direction to your life.

Speak Your Truth Mastery Program: This program is designed for those who have lost their voice and struggle with speaking their truth. This can take on many forms, including but not limited to: Being extremely shy, not speaking up in groups of people, feeling walked over and unheard, being afraid to ask for what you want in life, avoiding any type of confrontation, etc. This program will help you find the courage to let your voice be heard, letting you express and share who you are with the world.

Matters of The Heart Mastery Program: A program designed for singles, couples, and married couples. No matter what your relationship status, this program has something for you! Whether it be finding fulfillment in your singleness, opening the lines of communication with your partner, overcoming heartbreak and betrayal, recognizing red flags or learning how to connect with your loved one on a deeper level. In the society we live in, it's easy to forget what true relationship is about. Sometimes it's refreshing to get back to the basics of it all.

Warrior Woman Mastery Program: For the empowered woman. A program designed for the healing of our women. This program reminds us of our true feminine strength, and the warrior inside. The program is sprinkled with so much magic; including things like: self-care, embracing feminine strength, expressive dance, and reconnecting with our spiritual power.

Navigating Loss Mastery Program: This program is for those who have experienced some sort of loss, or are dealing with a sick loved one. Loss can affect each of us in very different ways, bring about countless emotions, and even make us numb. We will work together to make sense of it all, as well as, help you have a full life in spite of an unfortunate and painful circumstance.

Choose Your Session Length:

30 min 

60 min 

90 min 

How Long Are You Seeking Coaching?

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