Discover The Truth Behind The Mask

LYT is a brand of wellness & self-discovery. We assist young professionals who have experienced loss ( loved one, job, relationship, peace of mind, direction, etc.)  and are ready to reconnect with their true purpose by taking off the masks & facing the truth of who they are.  We do so through:


  • Coaching- Allows us to uncover and face the reality of our circumstances, remove the blocks that keep us "stuck", get behind the masks we wear to cover up who we are. 

  • Spiritual Mentoring- We believe that an important key to knowing ourselves and our purpose is connecting with God/Our Spiritual Source.

  •  Self Care: We encourage the care of the entire person. Massage therapy, natural body products, and holistic services are just a few ways we promote taking care of oneself.

LYT stands for "Live Your Truth". We believe that you become a light to others when you remove the masks and start living out your truth and God-given purpose.

We wear masks, even multiple masks a day, depending  on where we are or who we're with, so people won't know the truth about us, so we can hide our pain, or cover the things we don't want to deal with. LYT is committed to helping you do the work that is necessary to rediscover your truth.

A Little Bit About Me

Hey! I'm DeAndra White, unmasking coach, wellness/spiritual mentor, and massage therapist. I currently practice in Richmond VA, where I live with my amazing husband. I wasn't always the confident woman I am today. In fact, sometimes that little voice still tries to whisper in my ear from time to time, but I've learned better than to believe it! Though it took some time, I've arrived. And that's all that matters! I studied and received my bachelors degree in biology at James Madison University. During my senior year, as I was preparing to apply to dental schools, the most tragic thing happened. My mom passed away. Heartbroken, lost and confused, I decided I was going to press on. I wouldn't be defeated. I refused to let this horrible circumstance become my permanent reality. I changed career paths and decided I was going to help other young professionals through life's unexpected difficulties, as a life coach and emotional healer. Though the journey wasn't easy, I learned to face the truth of my situation, I strengthened my relationship with God, healed from loss, and chose to take control of my life!

My life was messy at times. Loss can unhinge you like that. Turn your world upside down. I know it did in mine. At some points, I felt worthless and unloved. My process, the steps I took to heal, is what LYT is all about. So, today I dedicate myself to helping you achieve the life that's meant for you. The one you actually want. I assist you in discovering your sacred mission, by taking off your masks and being real about who and where your are in life. My method of coaching is getting to the core truth of your issues and helping you work through your emotional hindrances; All so you can Live Your Truth (pun intended). I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you.


I cannot express to you the joy that comes with living your life unapologetically as the person you were created to be. Doing what you were created to do. Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Today I challenge you to release whatever is keeping you from the life you want. Click the link below to schedule your free sample session!

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